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Codi arian am y GIG - Raising money for the NHS

Codi arian am y GIG - Raising money for the NHS


Rydyn ni wedi bod yn dysgu am Capten Tom Moore a beth wnaeth e i godi arian i'r GIG. Rydyn ni wedi penderfynnu i godi arian ein hun am y GIG trwy Sialens Capten Tom Moore.

Roedden ni wedi dewis i godi arian gan canu a dawnsio neu cadw'n dawel am 100 munud fel grwp. Ar dydd Mercher, Mehefin 9fed redden ni wedi neud y sialens. Roedd e'n hwyl i ganu a dawnsio ond yn anodd i dim siarad am 100 munud. Roedd yn rhaid i ni gofyn teulu a ffrindiau i noddi ni ac roedd gyda ni targed dosbarth o £50. Yn y diwedd redden ni wedi codi £199 am y GIG ac redden ni'n filch iawn o hwn. Diolch I bawb oedd wedi noddi ni.

Gan bawb yn y dosbarth.

On wednesday the 9th of June our class have decided to raise money for the NHS to help cure the patients/find more cures/and make the NHS stronger.

We all have two options number 1 keep quiet or number 2 dance and sing for a long time.

I felt like i wanted to be quiet because im not a dance type LOL.

There is a reason why we are doing this, we have two reasons. The NHS are having a hard time finding more cures because they are running out of money and we are also learning about Captain Tom Moore and what he did was very helpful for the NHS so we want to make the NHS proud of us to. As a class our target was to raise £50 for the NHS but we raised £199! We want to say a huge Thanks to the NHS for all the work they have done and to everyone for sponsoring us.

Thank you for reading bye bye now :0)

Gan Llywelyn

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