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Trip Pantomeim Martyn Geraint

Trip Pantomeim Martyn Geraint


Ar 18fed o Dachwedd aeth Blwyddyn 2, ynghyd dosbarth derbyn a Blwyddyn 1, ar drip i weld Pantomeim Martyn Geraint yng Nghwmbran. Mwynheuon ni llawer o ganu, dawnsio a llawn hwyl a sbri!

On 18th November Year 2 went on their trip, along with Reception and Year 1 classes, to see Martyn Geraint in Pantomime. We enjoyed plenty of singing, dancing and lots of fun!



Am ein hysgol / About Our School

About our school

O fesen fach i'r gangen uchaf / From the smallest acorn to the highest branch

Last September a list of values that represent our School was created in order to confirm the importance of the motto to every stakeholder. Thank you to all of you that participated on our very special evening.

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